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Who is Andy Quinlan?

Pronunciation: [an-dee kwin-lan]

[bold type] indicates the primary stressed syllable.


The dictionary defines "Andy Quinlan" as a person who takes photographs, normally one who practices photography professionally. 


However, Andy Quinlan is not just a couple of words from a fictional dictionary.  Many believe Andy Quinlan truly possesses powers of creativity that far exceed those of normal human beings, combined with an unbridled passion for his talent.  Andy Quinlan is not just a name; for many it is a dream of beauty fulfilled, or a prestigious memory documented.  Andy Quinlan is different, for different people.  The meaning of Andy Quinlan is what you decide to make it.  Similar to the meaning of life, no one answer could ever be enough to fully envelop the mystery of who Andy Quinlan is.  Andy Quinlan is much more then just the sum of his parts, he is not just a moustache, or a pair of Birkenstocks, but instead... he is everything you want him to be, and nothing that you don't.


The mystery of who, or what Andy Quinlan is could never be entirely explored within a few paragraphs, nor that of a book.  Andy Quinlan is photography, and to understand the enigma of Andy Quinlan is to understand his photographs. 


Please contact Andy Quinlan for further information at:  andyquinlan@quinlanphotographic.com

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